Paint Gauge Bit Top Spherical Magnet Auto Lak Car Paint Tester Pen Bit 3003 Crash Check Car Paint Meter Tester Car Paint Accident Crash Checker Car Body Damage Detector with Magnetic Tip Bit3003 Fe & Zn Version – Poland Made Pen Bit3003 POLAND EU

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Top meter with ABS high-impact measurement memory and spherical magnet

AUTO-LAK TEST-TOP for checking the thickness of the car’s paint. This is one of the most recognizable magnetic testers from AUTO-MAG, easy to use, low cost when purchasing the tester, measurement precision comparable to electronic testers, presented in well-known automotive programs.

The most accurate dynamometric paint thickness tester available on the market. It does not scratch the paint and does not leave any marks on light or dark surfaces. Extremely easy to use, no batteries required, no consumption. Meter with a spherical magnet.

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